Our Story

SK Designer living has had a passion for all types of furniture since they began wholesaling since 1998. With an eye for detail the founder and CEO was keen to create a company where style and design were on the fore front. Coming from an architectural background the team at SK Designer Living have a strong drive for sourcing the best quality Replica furniture that will add character and flair to any space.

With a strong focus on quality and an infatuation towards interesting and stunning designs the team at SK Designer Living travel far and wide to ensure they are constantly keeping up to date with the ever changing and growing Replica market. From Replica Eames lounge chairs to Achille Castiglioni Arco lights SK Designer Living has something everyone will love!

At SK Designer Living we pride ourselves on offering the best quality Replica furniture at very affordable prices in order to attract all markets, ensuring everyone who desires beautiful innovative Replica furniture and accessories can have just that!

We aim to work on a high volume low margin and although we strive to be cheaper than our competitors the quality of our items does not become compromised because of this.

Our customer service is above board with any question big or small being answered the same day! There are no two ways about the way we go about our business. Our friendly team are here to ensure our customers have the best shopping experience that we can offer.