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11 Best Designer Coffee Tables You Can Buy Under $299

11 Best Designer Coffee Tables You Can Buy Under $299

Recently, we posted a blog titled “3 Tips on Where to Buy Coffee Tables Near Me”. We reminded our readers to buy from a trusted online furniture supplier, chose a company with a dedicated onshore contact centre for support and ensure that you make a considered selection.

Here were share the 11 best designer coffee tables you can buy under $299.

1. Stad Round Coffee Table

This simple and unobtrusive coffee table has been designed with minimalist features in mind. Standing 450 mm high, this coffee table has a 900 mm diameter and features an 8 mm tempered glass top with either natural or walnut coloured legs.

2. Replica Eames Coffee Table

For those who want to complement their colourful lounge room or business waiting area with a wooden coffee table, this Eames replica is stylish, functional and affordable.

3. Vox Collection | Glass Coffee Table

This coffee table is built from glass, aluminium and wood to create a well-balanced piece of stylish furniture. Featuring a 600 x 1200 mm glass top, this coffee table will blend into your room and maximise the spatial look.

4. Replica George Nelson Platform Bench

Our replica George Nelson Platform Bench, available in either 1220 mm or 1520 mm lengths, can be used as an occasional seating bench, a coffee table, a TV stand or as a shoe stand. With crisp, clean lines and huge aesthetic appeal, you cannot go wrong with this timeless piece of furniture.

5. Replica Petar Zaharinov Puzzle Glass Coffee Table

Built with thick tempered glass and interlocking wood beams, you are sure to love this modern and affordable coffee table.

6. Luna Coffee Table

With traditional appeal, this coffee table will complement natural leathers and fabrics in your living room. With a wooden top and steel frame, this coffee table has been designed to impress.

7. Amber Collection | Glass Coffee Table

A triumph of simplicity and a striking design, project a sense of joy with four wooden flared legs and a transparent and tapered glass top. This coffee table will suit any space in need of a modern centrepiece.

8. Replica Isamu Noguchi Glass Coffee Table

With its effortlessly chic design and single construction stand, this coffee table has a flawless organic design that will add class to your home or business.

9. Amber Collection | Wood Coffee Table

Add an earthy feeling to your home or business with this stunning wooden coffee table. Available in natural ash or walnut wood, this piece will complement any modern home or reception area.

10. Delta Collection | Glass Coffee Table

Transform your room with this contemporary coffee table. A flawless addition with a tempered, rectangular glass top and eye-catching geometrical base made from powder coated steel with veneer detail.

11. Stad Rectangle Coffee Table

For those wanting straight lines, this coffee table with Scandinavian inspired wood legs will make a stylish centrepiece in any living room or office area.

Coffee tables are often the centrepiece of your space, so you want to make the right decision before you buy. Our customer service team in Melbourne, Australia can offer valuable styling advice to help you find your perfect designer table and achieve a fashionable look for your residential or commercial venue. Visit our showroom today or call us on (03) 9580 5068.

Are you in the market for a new designer coffee table? What style do you like?