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5 Tips on Where to Buy Wholesale Furniture in Australia (#2 Will Blow Your Mind)

5 Tips on Where to Buy Wholesale Furniture in Australia (#2 Will Blow Your Mind)

There are many reasons why the average consumer would want to buy wholesale furniture in Australia, from outfitting a new business to refurbishing a home or rental. Whether you are looking for the perfect find among an ocean of coffee tables or are simply trying to upgrade and update your current dining chairs, let us give you some advice and inspiration regarding the best places to find what you are looking for.

5 tips regarding where to buy wholesale furniture in Australia are:

1. Spend Some Time Online

The first logical place to look for inexpensive, but quality products is through online furniture wholesale suppliers. It is easy to find unique and affordable pieces, particularly common and conventional furnishings like dining chairs and tables. Furthermore, the ease of online shopping platforms makes it simple to shop for wholesale furniture, without leaving the comfort of your own computer.

2. Buy Replica Pieces

Does the piece have to be authentic? Replica furniture is found widely and affordably, at wholesale price points, as many businesses want to furnish spaces with a specific style in-mind, rather than a distinct brand, maker, or hallmark. In Australia, the allowance to sell replica furniture is much looser than in the majority of other countries. This makes online furniture wholesale suppliers easier to find and a bargain when looking to score items for a low-cost residential or office makeover. When looking for the best furnishings that fit even a tight-budget, opt for a replica.

3. Go Where The Pros Go

Shop where the designers, decorators, and professionals go for the best selection of wholesale furniture. Spend your money with vendors and sellers that offer specials, warranties, and overall satisfaction for their customers and patrons. When you are ready to find furniture to fit your project at the best pricing possible, visit our online showroom for an expansive selection of designer quality furniture at everyday prices.

4. Listen For Liquidations

When businesses, retailers, and hotels close-down or remodel, they may hire liquidators to sell the discarded or unwanted furnishings. Many times, these items have a lot of life left and are well-worth salvaging for your home. Another way to benefit and get-in on a liquidation is to join a wholesale club; these clubs have the 4-1-1 on when, where, and what is being sold and give notice to members of the upcoming sale. If your need for wholesale furniture is ongoing, such as for your company or new home, consider joining one of these wholesale clubs, which you can find more about online.

5. Have You Thrifted Lately?

If you have not visited a thrift store or furniture consignment boutique, you could be missing out. While some thrift and second-hand venues may have a sparse collection of furnishings, such as a few coffee tables or old chairs, others are a bounty of fine and inexpensive furnishings, rivaling the cost of wholesale

Where will you go to find the furniture that you are looking for? Are you interested in saving money with finds from wholesale furniture suppliers? Use these tips to track down exactly the furnishings and fixtures that you need to complete your distinct project – perhaps under budget! 

Let us share some tips for finding wholesale furniture and save you some time and money in the process. Visit our showroom today or call us on (03) 9580 5068. Also, consider these venues when planning your project or when you are simply seeking the right piece for a special spot in your home or office. Don’t pay top dollar from retailers  and online sellers when you can search for replica bargains that are the perfect alternative to paying for appraisals and antique price points.  Check out these less-conventional places to find quality-made furniture at a fraction of the cost.