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9 Best Eames Replica Chair You Can Buy Under $199

9 Best Eames Replica Chair You Can Buy Under $199

In a previous blog we wrote titled, Best Place to Buy Replica Chairs Online, we shared tips about key features to look for when purchasing replica chairs online. In addition to the useability of the website and the detailed description and visuals of products, we recommend customers also assess the furniture supplier itself and determine whether the products have been sourced from quality and reliable manufacturers.

After you have made this assessment and have chosen your supplier, here is our list of the 9 best Eames replica chairs you can buy under $199 today.

1. Replica Kids Eames DSR Chair

This fancy and cosy chair is ideal for kids wanting to play, study and have a great time. Available in red or orange, these chairs are sturdy and feature a durable plastic seat shell and stunning chroming legs in a traditional yet elegant design.

2. Replica Eames DSR Eiffel Chair

Available in black, red, yellow and white, this adult-sized chair is ideal for the study room, home office, local business and more. With its chic and simple design, this chair has been made to impress with its lightweight construction and unobtrusive features.

3. Replica Eames DAR Eiffel Chair

This highly sought-after Replica Eames DAR Eiffel Chair is famous for its look and single body construction. Boasting a higher back and angled arm rests, this chair is available in red, black and white. Complement your existing furniture with this standout chair. 

4. Replica Eames DSW Eiffel Chair

The DSW Eiffel Chair, available in red, yellow, white and black, reflects designer taste in any setting. Easily paired with a DSW Eiffel Dining Table to create a modern meals area in the home, or perfect for a hospitality venue as a reliable guest chair.

5. Replica Eames RAR Rocking Chair

Whilst it is rare to find rocking chairs these days, adding one to your home or business shows that you understand comfort. Boasting a higher back and angled arm rests for support, this rocking chair will relax you at any time of the day.

6. Replica Eames DAW Eiffel Chair

Whether you choose to enjoy this ergonomic and curvaceous chair in your home, office or retail store, you will be impressed by its comfort and minimalist appeal. Available in red, white or black seat options with walnut or natural ash wood legs, this chair is meant for centre stage.

7. Replica Eames DSW / DSR Desk Chair

Modernise your home office or business with this desk chair that is stylish and effective. With a lift function and wheels for easy mobility, this chair will make your work life easy.

8. Replica Eames DSW Hal Inspired Chair

Simple is always best! This chair celebrates style and affordability and is a traditional chair loved by all. Whether you use the chair at your dining room at home or at your local business, this chair has been designed to impress.

9. Replica Eames DSW Eiffel Chair with Fabric Seat

For those who opt for fabric over plastic, this chair is ideal. Featuring a tradition design, this Eames replica chair is available in a range of colours to suit your décor.

At SK Designer Living we stock leading replica furniture and supply quality indoor and outdoor chairs to meet and exceed your expectations. With a wide range of chairs to suit your style, needs and budget, you will find your Eames replica chair match. Visit our showroom today or call us on (03) 9580 5068 to discuss your next selection.

Are you on the lookout for an Eames replica chair? Which type do you prefer?