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Why is the Eames Replica Stool So Popular in Melbourne?

Why is the Eames Replica Stool So Popular in Melbourne?

Height of a stool, comfort of a chair

The shape of the Eames stool seat component offers back support and the same level of comfort as the Eames chair range. The design also includes a practical footrest which doesn’t always feature on other replica stools. Unlike other replica stools available in Melbourne, this premium comfort allows diners to sit easily for longer periods of time, making for an all-round enjoyable experience.

Compliments most raised dining spaces

Replica Eames stools are modern and visually attractive, and can be matched to suit most breakfast bars, kitchen island benches and raised bar areas in commercial hospitality venues. These stools come in standard heights which interior designers and DIY stylists love, and are available in neutral and bright colours to enhance any space. The bright yellow, orange, red, blue and green varieties are used as feature pieces to add a pop of colour and a sense of playfulness to the room. Whereas the black or white replica Eames stools are the perfect, safe choice for all raised areas. Now Eames replica stools are available in chrome leg or wooden leg options, which gives even more style flexibility.

Affordable and well manufactured

Melbourne now has reputable furniture suppliers who manufacture and stock high quality replica stools at surprisingly affordable prices. Often, a good replica furniture supplier will provide a manufacturer guarantee with their pieces, which give buyers confidence. As competition in the replica furniture market climbs, so too does the level of quality of replica furniture supplies. The Eames replica stool design ranges from $119 (approx) up to $159 with plenty of bulk deals available online which fits in with most budgets.

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