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What is Drop Shipping?

Drop Shipping is an innovative business concept where a retailer does not manufacture or stock retail items that they offer for sale. Instead, the retailer establishes a solid business relationship with the product manufacturers or wholesalers. The retailer acts as the manufacturer’s or wholesalers reseller and is guided by their customer’s order.

When a customer places an online order from the retailer’s website, the retailer contacts the wholesaler or manufacturer to place a purchase order for the customer’s desired product, purchases the product, charge a fee to the customer and provides product shipping instructions to the manufacturer or wholesaler. Delivery of the product comes by "drop shipping" the item/s ordered direct to the customer from the wholesaler or manufacturer.

In this business arrangement, the manufacturer or wholesaler ships the item(s) ordered and the retailer earns a profit on each sale. The retailer doesn’t buy any product until the item ordered by a customer has been successfully placed. Profits in this customer transaction come from the difference between the wholesaler’s price and the retailer’s sales price. The retailer benefits because it uses it marketing, network and brand to attract customers.

Benefits of Drop Shipping

Drop shipping is a highly and widely used retail fulfillment model. It helps retailers remain profitable by taking on minimal risk. The manufacturer or wholesaler takes care of product production or acquisition, inventory management, warehousing and shipping. The retailer, which is either a merchant or seller, focuses on marketing, brand presence and sales.

There are six distinct benefits of drop shipping:

  • Broad Selection

    Drop shipping allows retail sellers to offer a product selection larger than might be feasible if the merchant/seller had to physically manufacture and stock the items on its own.

  • Lower Cost

    Since a seller does not have to maintain inventory, it can avoid a significant cost of inventory maintenance and insurance, as well as the potential significant cost risk for unsold inventory or outdated items.

  • Quicker Response for New Items

    For those customers seeking new-to-market or trending products, there is no wait time for demand to be fulfilled because products are always available. As soo as an item is identified online, the customer can order and get it shipped immediately.

  • New Item Exploration

    Drop shipping allows retail merchants to test out items and to gauge customer interest to see if they will sell without risking an investment in physical inventory and sales strategies.

  • Saves Retail Merchant Time

    The physical processes of receiving, stocking, packing and shipping ordered items all take time, effort and money. With drop shipping, the merchant’s simplified focus is on selling and confirming orders with the wholesaler or manufacturer.

  • Less Risk

    Customers who utilise drop shipping don’t have to take on the risk of traditional inventory management such as forecasting and stock management.

How to become a Drop Shipping Reseller?

To become a drop shipping reseller for SK Designer Living, simply apply online to become an approved trade and commercial member at

For any questions, please Call 03 9580 5068 or email us at

Our mission is to provide style-seekers Australia-wide with affordable high-quality beautiful furniture at everyday prices. That has been key to our success for over the past 15 years. We provide opportunities for merchants to partner with us in fulfilling their business dreams and selling our great furniture items. Through this approach, the merchant selects the items to be sold to match your approach to, and brand in, the market.


We provide:

  • Exclusive Trade Concessions to Our Trade Partners. SK Designer Living’s standard competitive pricing matched with members only discounts means big savings to you and potential excellent profits for your reseller business. Of course, you set your own pricing to secure profitable sales.
  • Find Out First. We offer VIP access to upcoming interior collections. That helps you stay on-trend with plenty of time to plan so you can be at the forefront in the market and offer early selling opportunities to your clients. That’s a great advantage for style-conscious or trend-setting customers.
  • Personalised Service. Our customary superior service means that you will be able to speak directly to one of our expert furniture consultants for a genuine and hassle-free experience. You simply get the great care that you deserve and they are capable of understanding your requirements.
  • No Purchase Minimum.Qualifying for our trade and commercial membership doesn’t require a minimum purchase. So, you can be comfortable handling specific sales opportunities from your online customers, knowing that we handle small and large orders with the same level of expertise, quality excellence and superb shipping care that all our customers have become accustomed to for over 15 years.
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How to Drop Ship Furniture?

Successfully drop shipping furniture starts with securing the right manufacturer or wholesaler. With SK Designer Living there is no question that you’ll get high-quality products, exceptional design and superb customer service.
Second, focus your attention on determining what type of furniture you want to sell. You can choose broad types/categories or narrow your offerings to specific item, types or styles.
With drop shipping, you don’t have to invest or risk spending on inventory. You don’t have to build up a large inventory base and you don’t have to maintain stock. Instead, you can spend time and money focussing on your own online merchant retail presence and your customized product assortment. Plus, you’ll want to make it easy for your customers to order from you by having an online system that maximizes the user experience.
When a customer places an online order with you, simply communicate the details of your order to SK Designer Living and the items will be on their way.

How Does Drop Shipping Work?

Drop Shipping works efficiently and effectively. It is a proven concept, broadly in-use. You build the online presence that you want and compose the ideal selection or assortment of items that make the most sense to your brand and your customers. All your customers have to do is order from your online store. Your valued customers make great choices from the excellent items that you have selected at SK Designer Living.
When a purchase is made and confirmed on your website, you simply communicate the order and shipment details to SK Designer Living. We’ll pick, pack and ship the items direct to the customer and provide billing and delivery confirmations to you. This is the simple, reliable and smart way to serve your customers.

Why Choose SK Designer Living for Drop Shipment Furniture?

For over 15 years, SK Designer Living has been providing tasteful and appealing furniture to quality-oriented buyers. You can trust our design standards, the production quality and the customer relationship expertise of this leading wholesale furniture supplier in Australia.
Every home owner wants a home that reflects their style and represents them well. Likewise, every commercial owner wants a commercial environment that reflects positively on the business as well as providing a great environment for employees and their clients. SK Designer Living loves designing unique furniture and décor pieces that inspire and delight various styles and trends.
At SK Designer Living you will find an outstanding assortment of furniture and décor items in many great and diverse categories. We offer great selections that will match your reseller needs and will be a credit to you too! Even better, we offer our great selections at great everyday prices, with an even more exceptional value to our trade and commercial members. SKDL is clearly the better choice in wholesale furniture for quality, selection and price.
For many customers, shopping for furniture can be a painful experience. As a merchant reseller, you have the advantage of working with a leader in design, product quality, selection and pricing. It is great to be able to satisfy eager customers and simplify their lives at the same time. You are guaranteed high quality furniture at everyday value prices at SK Designer Living.
As a drop shipper, you want a partner that you can rely on. SK Designer Living is not a fly-by-night operator. We do not sell products that are seconds, leftovers, mis-matched assortments or outdated. You will find these products elsewhere! Instead, SK Designer Living stands apart from the norm with its exceptional designs, high-quality production standards and superb customer service.
Additionally, you will receive our unmatched discount pricing so that your merchant program is a profitable business for you. It is a win for you. It is a win for the growing and successful SK Designer Living business and it is clearly a win for the quality and style-conscious customer.
We look forward to partnering with you today! Call 03 9580 5068 or email us at

What are some other benefits of being a Dropship customer with SK Designer Living?

Other positives for this business approach for dropship customers are:
  • No need to build or lease warehousing space.
  • No need to pay for inventory and its management.
  • No need to worry about theft, damage, ageing or outdated items.
  • No need to fret over design or season cycles.