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11 Tips on Where to Buy Wholesale Furniture in Australia (#2 Will Blow Your Mind)

11 Tips on Where to Buy Wholesale Furniture in Australia (#2 Will Blow Your Mind)

Section One: Important Characteristics of a Reputable Supplier

  • Quality: The supplier has excellent quality control 
  • Reputation: The supplier has 10+ years of experience and exceeds customer expectations
  • Customer Review: The supplier displays positive feedback from consumers

Section Two: Tips on Where to Buy Wholesale Furniture

  • Spend Some Time Online: The online platform offers a wide variety of options in the comfort of your home
  • Buy Replica Pieces: Buying replicas reduces cost but retains the style
  • Go Where the Pros Go: Shop where professionals shop to guarantee a low price, warranties, and special offers
  • Listen for Liquidations: Businesses closing or remodelling often offer quality products at a low price
  • Have you Thrifted Lately: Second-hand venues may offer inexpensive furniture and a range of designs

Section Three: How to Get the Best Deals

  • Best Time to Buy: Shop in January and June to receive discounts on products being rotated with new stock
  • Check the Shipping Policy: Research shipping costs and estimated times to avoid hidden costs
  • Coupon Codes: Use offered coupon codes to reduce the costs 

Eleven Tips on Where to Buy Wholesale Furniture in Australia 

A customer would want to buy wholesale furniture in Australia for many reasons, from outfitting a new business to refurbishing a home or rental. Whether you are looking for the perfect find among an ocean of coffee tables or are simply trying to upgrade and update your current dining chairs, let us give you some advice and inspiration regarding the best places to find what you are looking for.

Before we outline tips on where to buy wholesale furniture in Australia, let's discuss the important characteristics of a reputable supplier:

Quality. When searching for a supplier, be on the lookout for one that is very transparent about the significance quality plays in their business model. The prioritisation of quality control should be evident in all areas, from how they avoid damage to their product in stock and during transport, how premium materials are sourced, and the testing procedures they have in place. Understanding the supplier's protocol for quality control helps inform consumers about the standard they can expect when selecting a product for purchase.

Reputation. A general rule of thumb is to make purchases from a supplier that has been in the wholesale furniture industry for a decade or more. We suggest this because consumer behaviour indicates that suppliers with an established reputation show a higher profit margin. Consumers who are satisfied continue to purchase from reputable suppliers that consistently provide products that adhere to regulatory measures, are of high quality, and offer superior service.

Customer Reviews. We recommend looking through a supplier's reviews before deciding where to shop. Positive, negative, or neutral customer feedback can give insight into what to expect when engaging with the supplier. You can access these reviews online or by speaking with friends, family, or colleagues about their experiences buying from your supplier of choice.

Our five tips regarding where to buy wholesale furniture in Australia are:

Spend Some Time Online.

Online furniture wholesale suppliers are the first logical place to look for inexpensive but quality products. It is easy to find unique and affordable pieces, particularly common and unconventional furnishings like dining chairs and tables. Furthermore, the ease of online shopping platforms makes it simple to shop for wholesale furniture without leaving the comfort of your computer.

Buy Replica Pieces.

Does the piece have to be authentic? Replica furniture is found widely and affordably at wholesale price points. Many businesses want to furnish spaces with a specific style rather than a distinct brand, maker, or hallmark. The allowance to sell replica furniture in Australia is much looser than in most other countries, making online furniture wholesale suppliers easier to find. Opt for a replica when looking for the best furnishings that fit even a tight budget.

Go Where the Pros Go.

Shop where designers, decorators, and professionals go for the best selection of wholesale furniture. Spend your money with vendors and sellers that offer specials, warranties, and overall satisfaction for their customers and patrons. When you are ready to find furniture to fit your project at the best pricing possible, visit our online showroom for an expansive selection of designer-quality furniture at everyday prices.

Listen for Liquidations.

When businesses, retailers, and hotels close or remodel, they may hire liquidators to sell discarded or unwanted furnishings. These items often have much life left and are well-worth salvaging for your home. Another way to benefit from liquidation is to join a wholesale club. These clubs notify members of upcoming sales and provide information on when, where, and what items will be sold. If your need for wholesale furniture is ongoing, such as your company or new home, consider joining one of these wholesale clubs, which you can find out more about online.

Have you Thrifted Lately?

You could be missing out if you have not visited a thrift store or furniture consignment boutique. While some thrift and second-hand venues may have a sparse collection of furnishings, such as a few coffee tables or old chairs, others are a bounty of fine and inexpensive furnishings, rivalling the cost of wholesale. 

After determining how to spot and source a reputable supplier, let's discuss how you can go about getting the best deals:

Best Time to Buy. If you are hunting for that perfect sofa in Australia, the best time to buy it is in January or at the end of June. The beginning of the year in retail is when there is a rotation between the previous year's stock and new stock. If the sofa you are looking to purchase is to be replaced by new stock, it will often appear at discounted prices in January. A similar trend occurs due to the end of the financial year in late June; as new stock for the financial year appears, big sales arise for current inventory.

Check the Shipping Policy. Shipping costs can be one of the most significant factors when determining whether to purchase from a supplier. If you are searching for Furniture Online, although it may be a reduced price, it may also be accompanied by a substantial shipping fee. Research the supplier's website to find their shipping policy; this will inform you of shipping rates and delivery estimates that will influence your purchase price. Keep an eye out for deals with free shipping to reduce any additional costs!

Coupon Codes. Coupon codes are one of the easiest ways to reduce costs with minimal effort. Most websites offer a form of coupon code as an incentive for buyers to choose their business. It allows them to provide information on their business and products through email or text and gives you access to members-only discounts or seasonal offers throughout the year. Coupon codes may apply to an overall price discount or come in the form of free shipping, both of which help you get the best deal.

Let us share some tips for finding wholesale furniture and save you some time and money in the process. Visit our showroom today or call us on (03) 9580 5068. Also, consider these venues when planning your project or when you are simply seeking the right piece for a special spot in your home or office. Don’t pay top dollar from retailers and online sellers when you can search for replica bargains that are the perfect alternative to paying for appraisals and antique price points.  Check out these less-conventional places to find quality-made furniture at a fraction of the cost.