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Tips To Choose Perfect Office Chair For You

Tips To Choose Perfect Office Chair For You

How many hours a day do you spend working? Calculate that by the amount of days per week you are in your office, and you will realize that a good office chair is certainly worth buying. In fact, choosing the perfect office chair for you will not only ensure better comfort, but is likely to make you more productive every day.

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Whether working or studying from home, furnishing a new office, upgrading an existing corporate space or gifting family members with new desk chairs, everyone deserves a stylish, comfortable and high-quality chair. With so many office chairs available online, it is best to start your shopping with some key criteria in mind.

Here are 6 Top Tips to choose the best office chair:


Unlike dining chairs, on which you may spend intermittent periods throughout the week, office chairs need to allow for good posture and support for extended sitting time. Chairs such as the ergonomic Japanese mesh desk chair offers specialty contouring for this purpose. The replica Eames office chair is generously padded to allow for long-lasting comfort during study or work sessions. Both of these office chairs are designed with the user in mind.  

Comfort is key, and this can be hard to gauge when buying chairs online. So, be sure to read the product description, materials, and warranty and care instructions before buying office chairs online to know exactly what you can expect.


A decent office chair will have some adjustable functionality to allow for a more custom sitting experience. You should keep your screen at eye level for ideal posture.  Therefore, the ability to raise the height of the chair is important for correcting your neck and shoulder positioning.

Tilt and swivel office chairs are considered to be an excellent option as they can rotate with the natural body movements throughout the day. Office chairs that tilt can also feel calming and luxurious for a more pleasurable work or study period. Although you can’t always experience the chair when shopping online, a tilt feature is certainly a nice bonus when seeking the best office chair.


This tip revolves more around the style and colour choice of your new designer office chair. Whilst comfort is critical, you want to achieve an aesthetic balance too. Are you buying office chairs online for a home office? A bedroom? A corporate setting? A board room? Do you have plenty of space and light or is your work zone restricted?

Different office chairs work better in different settings. A typical black high back office chair may work for a large space however, it can also crowd the room. The last thing you want is to feel like your office chair is overtaking the space. Before you buy a new office chair carefully, think about the environment and any limitations.

For small spaces, a light coloured chair is ideal; white, light brown or even a transparent chair such as the replica Eames swivel desk chair.

Some office chairs, including the replica Eames high back office chairs have stylish and sturdy chrome finishes for a modern look and are available in three natural colours, white, brown and black to compliment any work space.


Affordability is often a top consideration when buying new office chairs. Whether you are buying one or twenty, be mindful of the time that will be spent on these chairs. A good office chair is something you are likely to buy once every 5 to 10 years, so spending a little more than you may have had in mind initially may reward you in the long run. You will instantly enjoy the value of well-built comfort during long stints spent at your desk. More so, if you are buying multiple chairs for employees, you will help to optimize their productivity.

Now more than ever, people are tending to spend extra time in front of their computers and investing in a quality office chair in Melbourne, and Australia-wide is essential for overall physical health and wellbeing.

To achieve a designer look without the exorbitant price tag, buying the replica Eames office chair from SKDL is a perfect choice. Made from luxurious PU leather and heavy duty aluminum frame, you can enjoy comfort and style without any guilt.


Ultimately, you want to want to spend time on your new office or desk chair, right? Whilst you want the chair to tick the ‘comfort’ box and the ‘budget’ box, also make sure you like the look of what you are buying. Replica office chairs are a good choice, as these are inspired by aesthetics. Consider your office chair your ‘throne’.

Replica Eames mid back ribbed chairs are sleek and stylish for a non-obtrusive yet studious feel. High back soft pad executive desk chairs could be the perfect choice for your work station. Or you might like the low-budget, replica Eames dining chair-style on swivel wheels for your office.  The range of designer desk chairs at SKDL has style to suit everyone.


For peace of mind when furnishing your home office, study nook or corporate space, it is best to buy new office chairs from a company you can trust. Ideally you will buy furniture from a company who specializes in it, as they will prioritize craftsmanship, design and quality, as opposed to a marketplace type of store.

As a family owned furniture company, the team at SK Designer Living have been committed to excellence since their inception over 25 years ago. With a physical showroom in Melbourne, it’s all about furniture at SKDL. The order and sales process is always handled swiftly and with care. All orders, including wholesale orders of office furniture can be easily arranged by getting in touch with their expert sales team.